Our Staff


Pastor Mike Garner

Our Staff is made up of caring, God loving members, led by our Pastor, Mike Garner. Pastor Mike joined Emmanuel in May of 2021 and immediately jumped in, taking the role of Shepard. We thank God for leading Pastor Mike to our door, and for blessing us with a Man of God to lead us through these trying days.

Pastor Mike Garner
Cell: 910-783-5276
Church Phone: 910-947-4736


Emmanuel Baptist Church has an elected Deacon Board consisting of twelve active Deacons, each serving three years before rotating off for a break of three years. Each church member is assigned a Deacon, who they can contact for anything from information, to prayer requests, to special assistance.

Worship Leader

Our Worship Leader directs the Choir, leads our congregational singing, and coordinates our musicians. The Assistant Worship Leader fills in when the Worship Leader is not available, and assists the Worship Leader with special projects as needed. Both positions are held by volunteers elected by the membership.

Computer Team & Sound Technician

Our Computer Team and Sound Technician share the Media/Sound Room. From here the sound is monitored and adjusted, the services are captured on video for streaming on YouTube, Facebook and on our website, and all videos, scriptures, photos, and other visuals presented in the services are coordinated and shown via computer. All positions are held by volunteers elected by the membership.

Administrative Team

Emmanuel Baptist Church has an administrative staff consisting of a Historian, Secretary, Treasurer, Kitchen Coordinator, and a Grounds and Maintenance Coordinator. All positions are held by volunteers elected by the membership.

Special Music Coordinator

On the fourth Sunday of each month, January through June and August through October, Emmanuel Baptist Church hosts Gospel music groups from around the country. It is the responsibility of our Special Music Coordinator to line up these groups and facilitate their concerts. Groups such as Ivan Parker, The Talleys, The Collingsworth Family, The Old Paths, and many other national artists have performed here, as well as many local groups such as Potter’s Will and Refresh My Spirit.

Admission to all concerts is open and free to the public. Love offerings are accepted during an intermission, but are not required of anyone. Check the Special Events page for a listing of upcoming artists. Note that in July instead of bringing in an outside artist we have a special “In-House Sing” where members of our own congregation and a few invited local guests perform.

Our Special Music Coordinator position is held by a volunteer elected by the membership.

Special Projects Coordinators

The Church conducts special projects throughout the year, ranging from Vacation Bible School (VBS) to collections for the local Life Pregnancy Center, to original in-house Christmas plays, and everything in-between. Coordinators for these projects are volunteers, and need not be elected by the membership.

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